As a nationally recognized pioneer in the development of new and creative adaptive teaching strategies in music education, Dreams Fulfilled Through Music is always searching, reaching for the stars, so to speak, to design opportunities for the student s whose limitations have excluded them from participating in and making their own music.

This vision has been the driving force since 1963 - the year that our co-founder taught her first students with special needs — the students whom no other teacher would accept because of their disabilities. The notion that no challenge is too great, that ALL individuals should be able to develop and express their innate musical abilities was a natural outcome of growing up in a home where old limitations were never recognized — only opportunities to reach for the stars.

The example set by Mary Kathryn’s father through his work as a scientist for the National Bureau of Standards (NIST) played a most important role in the development of her passion to provide opportunities never before imagined for a child living with a cognitive or physical delay. Her father’s passion for scientific discovery led him to the development of the Loran-C Space and Timing Navigation System and the Atomic Clock — essential to the success of NASA’s early exploration of the new frontier of space and the “Original 7” Mercury Astronauts.

One of the key ways many individuals - of all abilities - could enjoy, participate in and learn to teach music is through online resources. Unfortunately, this vast resource is not necessarily accessible to those that are differently-abled. Just as we were inspired by the work done to explore space, we are now inspired to expand our mission to enlighten those creating web-based resources to make them available to wider audiences.

Thus, our new logo integrating two eighth-notes with a space ship, is symbolic of a deeply ingrained passion for the arts of music and scientific discovery as vehicles of service to mankind.

We largely rely on individuals gifts from generous donors. Are you willing to help make some dreams just a little bit brighter?

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