Upcoming Events for 2020-21

“Christmas Round the World” Concerts

Due to limitations brought on by the Covid19 Pandemic, DFTM will not be presenting our annual Christmas ‘Round the World Concerts. 

If you would like to help support future events, please consider donating. Thank you!

February 2021: Texas Music Educators Virtual Clinic/Convention

Feb 10-13, 2021

Be sure to visit the Dreams Fulfilled Through Music Exhibit Booth!

May 2021: Alamo Angels Accordion Orchestra

The Alamo Angels Accordion Orchestra Performs 6:00pm - May 15, 2021.

(Tentatively Scheduled)

Early 2021: DFTM Offers ColorSoundation Curriculum to Day-Habilitation Programs/Agencies

DREAMS FULFILLED THROUGH MUSIC has pioneered the use of the ColorSoundation Curriculum in the teaching of individuals of all ages with varying disabilities since 2013. It is an ideal program that is equally effective for very young students (Kindergarten and Preschool) as well as students in special education through the high school years. Older students in Day-Habilitation Programs have found ColorSoundation to be an exciting way to participate in and continue to learn musical skills. Beginning in early 2021, DFTM will again be offering the ColorSoundation Curriculum to Day-Habilitation Programs and Agencies in the San Antonio area.

"In 2008, I attended a Dreams Fulfilled through Music recital and knew at once that I would finally be able to fulfill my life-long dream of playing the piano.

As a child, I’d only experienced one failure after another because teachers had no idea about how adapt a curriculum to meet the needs of someone on the Autistic Spectrum. After seeing so many children and adults with all types of different challenges get on stage and perform with confidence, I knew that I could do it too!

I began playing the simplest beginner pieces nine years ago, and now I’m studying intermediate to advanced standard piano literature. Through the DFTM music program, I am able to perform in public and for others less fortunate.

Today I am also studying the accordion and learning the skills of ensemble performance. Now music has become the positive difference that has changed my life forever, rather than just that distant dream.


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