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Local auditions ~ May 26-28, 2022
Steinway Piano Gallery & Fort Bend Music
San Antonio, TX

The Piano Guild, (a division of the American College of Musicians), was founded in 1929 by Dr. Irl Allison. Forty-six entrants participated in the audition (then called a “tournament”) at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas. Since that time, the Guild has grown to more than 850 audition centers where thousands of students enroll annually in our international auditions, which are held throughout the U.S. and abroad. Our primary function is to establish definite goals and awards–in noncompetitive auditions–for students of all levels, from the earliest beginner to the gifted prodigy. With the exception of our “special” programs, teachers have the flexibility to choose all repertoire for student auditions. Students are judged on individual merit, by a well-qualified music professional, in the areas of accuracy, continuity, phrasing, pedaling, dynamics, rhythm, tempo, tone, interpretation, style, and technique. Our purpose is to encourage growth and enjoyment through the study of piano.



San Antonio, TX
“In 2008, I attended a Dreams Fulfilled through Music recital and knew at once that I would finally be able to fulfill my life-long dream of playing the piano.

As a child, I’d only experienced one failure after another because teachers had no idea about how adapt a curriculum to meet the needs of someone on the Autistic Spectrum. After seeing so many children and adults with all types of different challenges get on stage and perform with confidence, I knew that I could do it too!

I began playing the simplest beginner pieces nine years ago, and now I’m studying intermediate to advanced standard piano literature. Through the DFTM music program, I am able to perform in public and for others less fortunate.

Today I am also studying the accordion and learning the skills of ensemble performance. Now music has become the positive difference that has changed my life forever, rather than just that distant dream.


We largely rely on individuals gifts from generous donors. Are you willing to help make some dreams just a little bit brighter?

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