Fulfilling Dreams, One Note at a Time.

DFTM is a pioneer in the development of creative teaching for students with all types of challenges. Emphasis is on the use of adaptive methods in music to meet the individual needs of students with disABILITIES or any special needs - and enabling web access to that information for the student, their family and their teachers.

Due to the impact of Covid19, and because the majority of students with special needs respond much better in an in-person setting, supported by some virtual instruction, we have adopted the following protocols for in-person instruction.

Artistic Excellence for All.

Developing artistic excellence, motivation and web access to enable all students to enjoy making their own music.

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Private Instruction

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Group and Ensemble Instruction

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Music Therapy

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Free Evaluations

A free evaluation is given for each individual student.

Upcoming Events

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December 2020: “Christmas Round the World” Concerts

Due to limitations brought on by the Covid19 Pandemic, DFTM will not be presenting our annual Christmas ‘Round the World Concerts.

If you would like to help support future events, please consider donating. Thank you!

February 2021: Texas Music Educators Virtual Clinic/Convention

Feb 10-13, 2021: Be sure to visit the Dreams Fulfilled Through Music Exhibit Booth!

Logo for Riverwalk in San Antonio Texas.

May 2021: Alamo Angels Accordion Orchestra

The Alamo Angels Accordion Orchestra Performs 6:00pm - May 15, 2021.

(Tentatively Scheduled)

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Early 2021: DFTM Offers ColorSoundation Curriculum to Day-Habilitation Programs/Agencies

Beginning in early 2021, DFTM will again be offering the ColorSoundation Curriculum to Day-Habilitation Programs and Agencies in the San Antonio area.

Will You Donate?

We largely rely on individuals gifts from generous donors. Are you willing to help make some dreams just a little bit brighter?

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